Creative task: To have or to be? – that is a question

Modul: Can everything be sold? A few words about consumerism and popart.

Nowadays we seem to be overwhelmed by the desire of possessing,  the need of collecting material goods, the battle of being at the top of a social ladder. Do we still have time and will to bow to the side of  NOT PRICE values?

A task- challenge:

Try for a week, literally 7 days, NOT to buy anything!

Plan in advance food shopping, think thoroughly not to be forced to buy ANYTHING, use all possible home supplies that you can find in your fridge or on the shelves.

Ban yourself to purchase any product! In a critical situation use a barter- an exchange option with your neighbours.

Here is a task- quiz which can help you in a NONSHOPPING week to distract your mind from a consumerism need, checking or developing at the same time themed vocabulary.

If you managed to do the task- challenge and you survived all 168 hours without shopping, you could receive the MASTER title and belonging to it trophy which seems to be a famous Cambell’s tomato soup tin:)…..available in a nearby market……..

Shopping tip: the less the better!