Creative task: Time to reflect

In 1850, Franz Liszt composed the symphony titled “Prometheus.” The piece is based on the Greek myth describing the Titan Prometheus stealing fire from the gods. Liszt assigned the number 5 to his symphony and included it in a cycle of symphonic poems when he revised it in 1855. The suggested activity will require your focused attention and the activation of your imagination. Are you familiar with the story of Prometheus, the precursor to the modern volunteer and timeless altruist? He sacrificed himself for humanity, defied divine expectations, stole fire for humans, and supported them against the wishes of the thunderous deity and others like him. He faced severe punishment for his lack of humility and nonconformity.
Make yourself comfortable, close your eyes, and… Listen to the symphony by Franz Liszt titled “Prometheus.” You can find a link to the symphony here: 

Module: Foundations of altruistic and prosocial activities, or the story of Prometheus