Creative task: The Nature of Helping

Module: “The Base of Altruistic and Pro-social Activity”

Let’s think about why some people selflessly help others. To investigate the nature of this phenomenon, try to think if you have someone like that around you – perhaps an activist or a volunteer? Is your friend helping the local shelter or maybe a relative works as a volunteer firefighter?

  • Imagine you’re a journalist and conduct a short interview with someone like that. Prepare a questionnaire and ask the interviewee about their motivation. You may share the results of your work in social media – but remember to adjust the privacy settings.
  • Think about how you can help others around you, and make it happen! Try to engage in some charity work instead of just donating or sharing posts online. You may walk a dog at the shelter, help to organize a cultural event in a local community center or become a volunteer for a foundation of your choice. Think about what was the outcome of your action and how you feel about helping others.

If you’re too young to volunteer on your own, ask a guardian to accompany you.