Creative task: The idea of a social campaign for body positive movement

 The unit: “Let’s talk about beauty standards. From ancient times to body positivity in the 21st century”

Does the way we perceive ourselves have an impact on our behaviour, the attitude to the world and other people? Can my appearance – whether I am fat or slim, old or young, bald or ginger haired, shaved or with natural hair covering some parts of my body- define me as a human? Is it possible NOT to follow the appointed trends and beauty standards and simple being MYSELF?

Nowadays more and more people struggle with the problem of accepting their own appearance, which leads to eating disorders, depression, social alienation and even suicidal attempts. Judging and evaluating others by their look seems to be a real curse of the modern world and social media being considered by many as an unquestionable source of information.

Let’s try not to be pigeonholed. Let’s resist some visions being forced by others and just become ourselves not bothered by the way we look. As we know, the standards, the ideals in the history of the mankind have been already changed and definitely are going to be modified again.

The task,  connected with the above considerations, is to create a POSTER and a SLOGAN that can promote a campaign supporting the idea of BODY POSITIVNESS obviously leading to self- acceptance.

The poster can be prepared in any possible technique such as drawing or painting on a sheet of paper or you may use the SKETCHBOOK apps (Google play). Do not forget to make up  the original slogan as a crucial part of your campaign.

All those tasks could just be the beginning of  some bigger action in your neighbourhood for example in a local culture centre or school, which may draw attention to the overwhelming self-acceptance issue and the idea of BODY POSITIVNESS.

Here you can find some posters promoting the ‘Body positive’ movement.