Creative task: Share your surplus

Flea markets showcasing a variety of items, not limited to antiques, are very popular in Germany. You can find clothes from the previous season, used toys, collections of stone turtles, painted plates, or vinyl records there. Here, on the other hand, garage sales and book exchanges flourish. We are increasingly embracing the concept of exchange. Our Western neighbors also have spontaneous exhibitions, organized right in front of their houses. And it’s this idea, as a remedy for “surplus,” that is worth embracing! A novel read yesterday, a bird atlas, a watering can… What if we shared our surplus in just that way? Display, in an aesthetic way, things you no longer need. Will they find a new owner? Will they be granted a new life? All you need is a box with the words: ‘TAKE ME! ADOPT ME! WILL YOU GIVE ME A NEW LIFE?’, or any other phrases you might come up with to encourage, amuse, or move the potential new owner of the exhibited items.

Module: Is everything for sale? A few words on consumerism and pop culture