Creative task: Romeo and Juliet. The timeless confession

Romeo and Juliet are perhaps the most recognizable lovers in the history of culture and literature. Their story has been repeatedly explored by theater, film, and literature. Conduct research and find fragments of the famous balcony scene as portrayed by various artists in film, theater, and beyond. In a search engine of your choosing, enter keywords such as: ‘Romeo and Juliet,’ ‘balcony scene,’ or ‘Romeo’s love confession.’ You may come across performers, street theaters, or puppet theaters. You can even conduct a review of various film adaptations of “Romeo and Juliet.” Get inspired, see how others interpret the words of these iconic lovers. In what setting are the ill-fated lovers placed? What choreographies have been created for their love confession? Once you realize that there are countless representations and interpretative ideas, prepare your own love confession. The means you use to declare love depend entirely on you. Love can be danced, spoken, expressed through gestures, or, more classically, conveyed through carefully chosen words. If you wish, you can add props, a special costume, experimental movement… Your only limit is your imagination. Let the creativity flow!

Module: From the balcony in Verona to balcony-like fire escape stairs in New York… Why does Shakespeare’s timeless love story remain a constant source of inspiration for creators in various artistic fields?