Creative task: Only a woman or THE woman?

Module: “A woman in the society’

Through centuries the role of  women in a society, their successes, discoveries and position were and still are diminished. The significant works of women have been assigned to their husbands or their male supervisors. The recent example of that is a British biophisician Rosalind Franklin, whose researches contributed to the discovery of DNA by James Watson and Francis Crick both being awarded the Nobel Prize in 1960.

Those male scientists are called the fathers of DNA while the real mother of the success has been completely ignored.

Unfortunately, even some languages, eg. Polish one, seem to discriminate  the female gender by its disregarding attitude to female grammar endings like in jobs equivalents (a waiter- a waitress). Even in the proverb ‘ success has many fathers”, there is no place for its mother.

There is time for a question – a  creative task – Only a woman or THE woman?

Think carefully about the women around you (eg. in school, at the workplace, in a club etc). Is there the one whose actions significantly change the life of  you and your community?

If you have already nominated the ONE, there is the time for a short interview with her.

Prepare some questions which help us to find out something about the activities being taken by your nominated woman. Make notes during the interview or if possible record it and share with others via the Internet. Let them become familiar with another spectacular person – a woman!

A good example could be the link below – the interview with Anna Zachurzok, the local feminist activist, the instructor at the Leisure Centre, the member of Agere Aude foundation and privately my beloved friend – THE WOMAN!

You can learn  more about other inspiring women in  Agere Aude podcasts.

Here is the link to a project ‘ A mission – participation’