Creative task: Does every town have its balcony for Romeo and Juliet?!

The most famous love scene of all time unfolds around a balcony. Juliet on the balcony, Romeo beneath it. But does this scene always have to look so stereotypical? Go out and find similar settings in your town. Next, record an enduring love confession. It can be on a balcony, but it doesn’t have to be. If you find a different setting that you consider the right context for the lovers’ timeless love confession, immortalize their conversation there. Experiment with the text, explore the space, and record a brief scene. Try to memorize at least a fragment of the text and present it in front of the camera.
Excerpt from the balcony scene:

Fragment sceny balkonowej: 

Module: From the balcony in Verona to balcony-like fire escape stairs in New York… Why does Shakespeare’s timeless love story remain a constant source of inspiration for creators in various artistic fields?