Creative Task: Art About Itself

Art speaks about important things; it speaks about ultimate matters, sometimes about trivial things, and sometimes it speaks about itself. Think, search, and reflect on whether among your favorite artistic works there are those whose theme or central motif is art or the artist. Create a set of songs that talk about music, lyric writing, and poetry creation. Let’s go further and compile a list of movies or TV series that revolve around the world of filmmaking, acting, with the protagonist being a filmmaker. Or perhaps you’d like to put together a list of readings that focus on literature and poetry? You can create these lists for yourself, but it’s even more exciting to make them with someone else or share pre-made ones.

Certainly! Here’s a list of works that revolve around the theme of art, focusing on art itself:

  1. Song: “Teksanski” by Hey; Album: “Fire”; Music by Piotr Banach, Lyrics by Katarzyna Nosowska; 2010 (Listen on YouTube)
  2. Movie: “Pewnego razu w Hollywood” (Once Upon a Time in Hollywood); Written and Directed by Quentin Tarantino; Released in 2019 (Read about it on Filmweb)
  3. Book: “Fakty muszą zatańczyć” by Mariusz Szczygieł; Published in 2022 (Read about it on Publio)

These works explore the theme of art and the creative process in different forms – music, film, and literature. You can delve into them to appreciate the diverse ways in which art reflects upon itself and its significance.

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Jan Vermeer van Delft