Creative task: A Virtual Quest for Vermeer

This time, we want to invite you into the world of Johannes Vermeer, a painter respected by every art history textbook. He was a painter of everyday life and genre scenes, mastering the use of light like no one before or after him. Knowing his works is worthwhile, as evidenced by the exhibition organized by the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam, which was visited by over 500 000 attendees. The exhibition, “Vermeer,” concluded at the beginning of June 2023. The institution managed to gather 28 out of 37 extant paintings by the Dutch master, and a total of 650 000 people from 113 countries viewed the exhibition. Of course, the largest group consisted of the Dutch, followed by the French, Germans, Brits, and Americans. Among the visitors were famous personalities such as French President Emmanuel Macron, director Stephen Spielberg, and actresses Jamie Lee Curtis and Gillian Anderson. If you weren’t among the lucky ones who visited the Rijksmuseum, you can see some of the paintings by the author of “The Lacemaker” here:
Admission is free. Hop in!
Find the most enigmatic painting in the artist’s work, titled “Painter in his Studio.”

Module: Allegory of Painting