Creative task: A solid 3D model

The unit: ‘Social alienation- the timeless issue’

One of the undeniable landmarks of France is the gothic Notre Dame cathedral, which took over 180 years to build. The whole structure is based on a circle and a square shape. The circle symbolises infinity and perfection as the equivalent of God, as the opposition to the square being associated with some limited and enclosed space.

The most characteristic features of Gothic architecture seem to be: towering, arcuation, lightness, numerous windows as well as stained-glass windows, towers, interiors fulfilled with biblical frescos.

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The cathedral photos:

The cathedral official site:

Gothic- the architecture style:

The instruction to follow:

Your task is to make a 3D model of the Notre Dame Cathedral in a chosen technique.

Use any available materials like: cartons, boxes, sticks, play-doh, modelling clay, colourful papers, candies wrappers etc. whatever comes to your mind. If you wish you could cooperate with some colleagues, classmates or any group of acquaintances. Pretend to be a team of architects first discussing the project and then preparing the necessary materials. Now you can start! You can share your work photos or film by Printerest or Cupcat.