Creative task: A slightly surreal assignment

“The Persistence of Memory” is perhaps the most famous and recognizable painting by the Spanish surrealist Salvador Dalí. The artist himself shared the context of the creation of his painting with the world. On the evening when the concept of clocks melting like pancakes and hanging from trees was to be born, Salvador Dalí supposedly consumed warm, oozing Camembert cheese. Can you imagine it? The buttery consistency of cheese flowing from the velvety rind, its continuity disrupted by a fork… The clocks in the painting also seem to melt under the influence of high temperature. Looking at them, we experience a strange contradiction; our senses are deceived, and the mind is thrown off the tracks of rigid thinking. The painting is also known by other titles: “The Persistence of Memory,” “Melting Clocks,” or “Soft Clocks.” Your slightly surreal task is to suspend a clock on the backrest of a park bench, on a tree branch, on a neighborhood fence, or on a bike rack, and hypnotically repeat the title of Dalí’s painting in Spanish. Try to immerse yourself in the sound of this phrase, memorize it, and surrender to its irresistible melody. La persistencia de la memoria, La persistencia de la memoria, La persistencia de la memoria… La persistencia de la…, La persistencia de…, La persistencia, La… You can make the clock from any material that is flexible enough to succumb to gravity and flow down like a piece of aromatic Camembert.

And here is a recording of the Spanish pronunciation of the title:
(Spanish: “La persistencia de la memorial”)

Module: Persistence of Memory