Creative task: A recipe for a culinary masterpiece

The module: “Love motif in late medieval art related to H. Bosch work”

According to Wikipedia, the triptych by Bosch known as ‘The Garden of Earthly Delights’ was registered in the Spanish Royal inventory as ‘The painting with a strawberry tree fruit’ where the strawberry or maybe even wild strawberry fruit are presented not only as food product but also as means of transport or a peculiar shelter. Basing on different sources, Bosch works were given various titles including: “The strawberry plantation’ or ‘ Of vain fame and the unique/ faint taste of a strawberry or a wild strawberry’. Those delicious fruit being able to find in some old/ previous names of the Bosch painting, remind the first sweet taste of  summer holiday which might induce to…… preparing some extraordinary culinary masterpiece.

There comes some delightful task to be fulfilled: make a plan and prepare a dish or a dessert whose main ingredients are ‘some paradise fruit’ …maybe strawberries?

Carefully plan the ingredients, their quantity, the cooking time and methods and get started!

Is there a chance you or somebody related to you owns a small garden where it is possible to pick up fresh and healthy fruit? If not, try to find some local shop or a gardener that sells the best fruit one can find.

If you wish you could attach a photo of your work inspired by the Bosch masterpiece.

You could also prepare your own COOK BOOK with your unique recipe! The last but not the least, think of the name for your piece of culinary art!

Remember everyone can become a Master Chef!