Creative Task: A million for the knowledge about the rebels

Modul: “REBELLION (with a paint can in  your hand)”

Is it necessary to use weapon while fighting? Is REBELLION  an integrated part of our adolescence? Is it possible to rebel without publicity? What does  a REBEL mean?

R- raged and

E – entitled

B – battle against

E – established

L – laws and issues

Word puzzle

Each form of rebellion starts with profound consideration leading to some constructive actions. Here is the word puzzle that awakes your creative thinking.

 Build new words using the letters out of CONSTRUCTIONISM within 3 minutes

eg. SUN (all variations possible)


Maybe would  you like to learn something about  some people, organizations and events which were/ are responsible for significant changes?

Below you can find a link for the game MILLIONERS:

Play and learn! Processing some knowledge is a form of rebellion against being common Mr. Smith, with average intellectual abilities, easily manipulated by others.