Creative task: A field trip game with the Gothic

The hints:
You are proposed to be a part of a field trip game whose aim is to find in your
neighbourhood or some nearby area a GOTHIC building. Today you have got a unique
opportunity to become a tour guide. Firstly, search for a building designed in the Gothic style
and then prepare a tour. Such tools like Google Maps could be helpful in checking the route,
the distance, the time limit needed in both directions not mentioning the costs of transport.
Inviting some company would be a good alternative for the trip. There is a possibility of using
some public transport like buses, trams or trains but using other options, like your own bike,
may be also taken into consideration.

Have fun!
Remember! GOTHIC is your goal!

Finally, having reached the object do not forget to take the picture and then try to name 3
points or features similar to the Notre Dame Cathedral. One day it could become your must-
have in a real trip to Paris.

Sharing your tour photos and the itinerary link or a handmade map could be priceless!

Top Gothic buildings in the world

The Basilica of Saint-Denis, Paris

Chartres Cathedral, Chartres, France.

Notre-Dame de Reims, Reims, France.

Canterbury Cathedral, Kent, England.

Palace of Westminster, London.

St. Mary’s Cathedral, Sydney.

The Woolworth Building, New York City.