You are reading a report from UNICEF indicating that every month, 1.8 billion people across the world menstruate. Millions of these girls, women, transgender men, and non-binary persons are unable to manage their menstrual cycle in a dignified, healthy way. The onset of menstruation means a new phase and new vulnerabilities in the lives of adolescents. Yet, many adolescent girls face stigma, harassment, and social exclusion during menstruation. Transgender men and non-binary persons also face discrimination due to their gender identity, depriving them of access to the materials and facilities they need. Gender inequality, discriminatory social norms, cultural taboos, poverty, and lack of basic services like toilets and sanitary products can all cause menstrual health and hygiene needs to go unmet.

Get a group together and get to work.

Take a loot at the picture with the Edvard Munch’s Puberty painting. The task should be done in a group and you group must use this the Edvard Munch’s Puberty painting to present how the first menstruation (Menarche or the first period) which is the gateway to puberty can be a subject or motif for this painting. That is:

  • The painting is your medium. So, you have to create a message about period positive.
  • To create your campaign, please use the campaign log-frame for task by answering the provide questions.

In case of double, please consult the handout to reflect on the best ways to answer each question.


Campaign’s name

What is the name of your counter-narrative campaign

Campaign’s audience(s)

Describe your audience characteristics. That is, who are the people that your campaign is targeting. Where and when are they engaged on social media?

Campaign’s impact(s)

What is the behavioural or social change the campaign aims to contribute to. That is, the long-term results you want to achieve with your campaign.

Campaign’s goal(s)

Describes how or by which means your campaign will contribute to achieving the expected impact.

Campaign’s objective(s)

How many people you aim to reach with your campaign? How many social media posts or campaign content you aim to produce?

Campaign’s content

Create the content of your campaign: create your message; add the message to your medium; select a messenger (optional); and develop your call to action.

Campaign’s dissemination

Which social media channels will you use to run the campaign. That is, how will you create visibility, or by which means will you spread the content of your campaign?

Campaign’s evaluation

Which methods will you use to assess whether you are achieving set goals and objectives? Which type of monitoring and evaluation indicators do you aim to use?

Edvard Munch: Puberty. Oil on canvas, 1894. Photo © Munchmuseet

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