Creative task: Surrealistic movie

Salvador Dali is one of the most renowned representatives of Surrealism, an avant-garde artistic movement from the 1st half of the XX century. Surrealists were interested in human subconsciousness, manifesting itself in dreams. They utilized multiple media such as painting, sculpture, photography or even fashion.  Salvador Dali, mostly known as a painter, is also a co-author of surrealistic movie “An Andalusian Dog”, along with Luis Buñuel. Watch the movie (available on YouTube), and try to create an artwork inspired by master Dali. Take ideas from the dreams and let your fantasy run wild. You can shoot the movie with whatever equipment you have available – a smartphone is perfectly fine. Plan one long movie sequence or separate scenes combined in a video editor app (we recommend  CapCut – Video Editor).

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Moduł: The Persistence of Memory