Social alienation – a timeless theme

Manifestations of ‘otherness’ have always been present in society – their carriers were messages in literature, art, music. Often this subject had pejorative overtones, causing individuals who identified with this term to have lowered self-esteem – the main reason was lack of social acceptance or even ostracism. The activity will prompt students to reflect on the concept of “otherness” as well as social exclusion. Students will have the opportunity to reflect on their own characteristics, indicative of their “otherness”, it will be shown that everyone has the right to respect.

In the presented scenario, which is an inspiration for one’s own teaching activities, exercises were used to integrate knowledge from various humanities subjects in order to better understand the topic of social exclusion.


Notre-Dame Cathedral in Paris

INSPIRATION: 3D model of Notre-Dame Cathedral in Paris:



The Bell Jar of Notre-Dame (1482), Victor Hugo, novel
Quasimodo, Jacek Kaczmarski, musical piece (PL)


The presented module was prepared in accordance with the assumptions of constructivist didactics – the role of the teacher is to guide the student, create problem situations and create conditions for their solution. The module uses a didactic game, which will allow easier assimilation of new content.


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Author of the module and the script: Izabela Michta

Mental tasks

Creative task: A field trip game with the Gothic

The hints:You are proposed to be a part of a field trip game whose aim is to find in yourneighbourhood or some nearby area a GOTHIC building. Today you have got a uniqueopportunity to become a tour guide. Firstly, search for a building designed in the Gothic styleand then prepare a tour. Such tools like Google Maps could be helpful in checking the route,the distance, the time limit needed in both directions not mentioning the costs of transport.Inviting some company would be a good alternative for the trip. There is a possibility of usingsome public transport like buses, trams or…

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