Is everything for sale? A few words about consumerism and pop culture

Currently, we are dealing with an excess in a broad sense. Mass culture, an abundance of information, and various ideologies make individuals feel uncertain in the modern world. Art, like other human creations, has undergone a tremendous transformation. Axioms in postmodern society are uncertain, and what is considered high mixes with what is considered low. Students left in a rushing multimedia world often have no time to reflect on their own existence. This module has been constructed in such a way as to encourage students to reflect on contemporary consumption. They will contemplate whether “having” or “being” matters to them. The starting point for these considerations was Andy Warhol’s iconic work, Campbell’s Soup Cans. Based on this work and other pieces, the teacher will conduct the classes. Various methods and teaching aids have been utilized in the presented module, such as multimedia presentations, audio-visual materials, brainstorming, teamwork, educational games, and discussions.


Campbell’s soup cans (1962)

Andy Warhol


Tesco Value Tomato Soup Can (2006), BANKSY
Vase with motif of Andy Warhol’s work, Rosenthal
How to eat ice cream? [w:] Notes on a matchbox (1989), Umberto Eco


The module has been prepared to encourage students to reflect. It offers methods that are both activating and reflective, mini-lectures, group work, as well as attractive and multimedia teaching aids. All techniques and methods aim to enhance the learning process.


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Author of the module and the script: Szymon Witczak